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5 Of the work1 ---5Is displayed。
Early-summer rainEarly-summer rain
Reiko Yachimoto Early-summer rain
Selling price55,000 JPY
Sold Out
Sleeping moonSleeping moon
Reiko Yachimoto Sleeping moon
Selling price55,000 JPY
remaining 1 only
Wind bell and cat
Reiko Yachimoto Wind bell and cat
Selling price99,000 JPY
Sold Out
Cat sitting on a Japanese cushionCat sitting on a Japanese cushion
Reiko Yachimoto Cat sitting on a Japanese cushion
Selling price297,000 JPY
remaining 1 only
Cat and sushiCat and sushi
Reiko Yachimoto Cat and sushi
Selling price237,600 JPY
remaining 1 only

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