Notation based on the Specified Commercial Transactions Law

Distributor: Reijin Co., Ltd.
Representative Director: Kazuo Noguchi
Manager: Ayako Sato
Location: Osaka Station 3 Building 28F, 1-1-3 Umeda, Kita-ku, Osaka 530-0001
Phone number: TEL 06-6345-9950/FAX 06-6345-9959
Email address:
Selling price: Please refer to each product page.
Necessary charges other than the product price: Shipping charges and various settlement charges
Payment method and timing of payment: 1. Credit card payment:Payment is confirmed when the item is ordered. 2. Convenience payment:Please pay within one week after ordering.
Product delivery time: After confirming your order, we will ship the product as soon as the arrangement is completed. (Usually, it takes about 2 weeks to ship the item. If the item is delayed for some reason, we will notify you by email.)
Product delivery method:   After arranging by us, delivery by the shipping company
Return/Defective/Cancellation: Returns/exchanges are possible within one week after the item arrives. The shipping fee will be borne by us if the item is defective, and will be borne by the customer if the item is returned or exchanged at the convenience of the customer. If the product is a work of art, in principle, it cannot be returned or exchanged for the convenience of the customer.